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Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Electrical Switchboard Surveys.

Infrared  thermal imaging - Electrical Switchboard surveys,

Our infrared thermal imaging systems are "cutting edge" technology from "FLIR" - the worlds leading supplier of thermal imaging camera equiment. Infrascan covers a huge range of thermal imaging applications. See example survey reports and images below;

Electrical Surveys

Infrared inspections of electrical switchboards As almost all electrical failures are preceded by an elevation in temperature, infrared thermal imaging will normally quickly identify impending electrical faults, thus minimising damage to expensive switchboards and other equipment. When an electrical fault is seen through a thermal imaging camera, it is as clear as if it has been sprayed with a florescent paint marker.

Many insurance companies are now requiring regular thermal inspections of switchboards and electrical equipment as a condition of insurance, as a high pecentage of fires in industrial and commercial situations are caused by electrical faults. Almost all electrical failures are preceded by an increase in temperature in the affected component.

Even without an insurance company requirement, many companies are adopting regular thermal imaging surveys of electrical equipment as part of their preventitive maintenance programe, as well as being seen as a health and safety issue with the prevention of fires

Our written reports will satisfy the insurers requirements

Mechanical - Manufacturing - Production

Based on the principal that almost everything has an increase in heat signature before failing, thermal imaging can easily detect failing bearings, motors, etc, well before they cause a stoppage. With temperature being a critical factor in many production processes, thermal imaging can be a valuable tool in quality control.

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Mains fuse carrying excessive and unbalanced loading